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Briar Rose Creamery

Tideland's goats

Fresh and Aged Goat Cheese in the Dundee HIlls

Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley wine country, Briar Rose Creamery creates handcrafted fresh and aged goat cheeses, aged cow's milk cheeses, and award-winning chocolate goat cheese truffles. We nurture each small batch to achieve the best flavor and texture, highlighting the seasonal qualities of our cheeses.

We're a small, artisan producer, and we thrive on the painstaking process that goes into every ounce of cheese that we create. We produce fine, delicate cheeses that we're proud to say comes from Oregon's Willamette Valley, and are every bit as delicious as the region's famous Pinot Noirs and renowned microbrews.

Briar Rose Creamery is proud to work with the outstanding, multiple award-winning goat dairy, Tideland Dairy Goats, part of R&R Dairy in Tillamook, Oregon. In order to make great cheese, you've got to have great milk. Great milk comes from happy and healthy goats that eat well, have room to roam, and never given any growth hormones.

Tideland's goats come from a line of dairy stock that have been awarded grand champion ribbons generation after generation. The herd enjoys the sweet life surrounded by lush, green pastures, tidewater marshes, and ample dairy barns to shelter the herd from the morning fog and Oregon rains. The goats wander over 20 acres with a view of the Coast Range while nibbling on pastures kissed by the salty breezes of the Pacific Ocean. Tideland dairy goats always have access to eastern Oregon alfalfa and minerals. At milking time, the does are treated to a special blend of grains that helps them produce their creamy, rich milk, perfect for cheesemaking.