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Briar Rose Freya's Wheel Aged Cheese

Briar Rose Madrona Aged Cheese

Briar Rose Ripening Cheese

Delightfully Distinguished, and Oh So Delectable

Aged Cheeses

Freya's Wheel

Semi-soft, bloomy rinded, goat's milk cheese. A delicate cheese, chewy in texture with small eyes. Inspired by two European goat cheeses, Garrotxa and Ticklemore, it stands on its own with an approachable, creamy flavor, balanced on the edge of sweet and salty, savory and rich. Think hazelnuts, mushrooms, butterscotch, tropical fruit and coconut. 2.5–3 pound wheels. Aged 7 to 12 weeks.

1st Place Winner: American Dairy Goat Cheese Competition 2012


Our newest creation. Semi-soft, washed rind goat's milk cheese. Taleggio-style, mildly aromatic and enticing. Very creamy, silky and rich, herbaceous, bright, notes of grapefruit. Limited availability for the moment, but more coming soon. 2.5–3 pound wheels. Aged 4 to 8 weeks.


Firm, goat's milk cheese. Washed rind, with hints of minerals, straw, and passionfruit. Fudgy and chewy and approachable. Hints of earth, honey, and a bright, light citrus quality; it is washed in brine every week until it reaches the perfect texture and mouth-watering addictive quality. Perfect with crisp fruit, cured meats, and white wine. 2.5–3 pound wheels.

Winner: American Dairy Goat Cheese Competition 2012

Goat Milk Feta

Traditional cheese of the Mediterranean, made from fresh pasteurized goat's milk. Aged in brine for over several months. Crumbles easily, yet creamy on the tongue. Excellent cheese for cooking. 2.5–3.5 pound wheels.

Winner: American Dairy Goat Cheese Competition 2012