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Briar Rose Chocolate-Goat Cheese Truffles

Briar Rose Lemon Dill Chevre

Briar Rose Classic Chevre and Strawberries

Briar Rose Creamery Headlines

Exciting things are always happening at Briar Rose Creamery. Read about them here first, and then spread the news far and wide to all your chevre-loving friends.

Freya's Wheel is worth the search

San Francisco Chronicle
January 4, 2013

In recent years, many would-be West Coast cheese makers have taken a four-day course in artisan cheese making at California Poly in San Luis Obispo. The curriculum includes classroom instruction, hands-on production and enough cheese chemistry to scare off the dabblers. Read more »

Briar Rose Flowers

Oregon Wine Press
November 1, 2012

Sarah Marcus and Jim Hoffman of Briar Rose Creamery in Dundee exemplify the new wave of cheesemakers on the scene in Oregon and throughout the country: young, passionate, dedicated entrepreneurs with a calling to the art, science and business of cheesemaking. Read more »

The beauty of a local farmers markets

Bullfrongs and Bulldogs
July 17, 2011

After we purchased our veggies, we decided to go over to Briar Rose Creamery's booth and got some of their amazing and delicious Spicy Chipotle Chevre for a lite snack before dinner. We also happened to pick up their Chocolate-Goat Cheese Truffles for dessert. If you ever get the chance to try these tiny little delectable treats, do so! They are the perfect finish to any meal. Read more »

Goat Cheese Truffles: A Labor of Love

The Oregoneon
February 2011

Hmm, you say, chocolate and cheese may seem like strange bedfellows, but that's just because we're so accustomed to thinking about cheese on the savory end of the flavor spectrum. You know what I mean: cheese and wine, cheese and crackers, or salami and cheese. In fact, fresh chevre's mild, slightly tart flavor is a perfect canvas for culinary experimentation; in combination with a good dark chocolate, it blossoms into a flavor revelation. Read more »

Briar Rose Creamery Goat Cheese Truffles

Pacific Northwest Cheese Project
December 6, 2010

Fresh goat's milk cheese (also known as fresh chevre) is a natural in combination with other things...its mild lemony tartness makes a great base for any number of flavors both sweet and savory: herbs, flowers, honey and chilies are just a few of the possibilities. So why not chocolate? Read more »

Briar Rose Creamery and its founders, Sarah Marcus & Jim Hoffman

April 7, 2010

Today's company spotlight is on Briar Rose Creamery and its founders, Sarah Marcus and Jim Hoffman. Launched last year, this aspiring creamery has just begun its first year of cheese production. The creamery is about to start producing fresh and aged goat cheeses in its newly built facility located in Dundee, Oregon, in the northern Willamette Valley 25 miles southwest of Portland. Read more »